Recovering from a small stack in a tournament

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Poker players, in one point or another, during a tournament will be pushed against the wall with their small chipstack. This happens when one experiences a series of bad cards or losing a big pot. So how do you recover from having a short stack and get back to the action again?

Tournament stages

Being short stacked early in the tournament may look like a very bad situation to be in but you need to remember that the blinds are still so small so you can play your chips as if you have your original stack and make most of positive situations.

In the middle stages, being short-stacked can be a real problem. You will have very limited options since you are only good for a few big blinds and small blinds. If you decide to play, go all in. This also forces the opponent to lose a good amount of chips in case you succeed.

At the tournament bubble, you need to decide if you can get a viable chance when you double up If you have two blinds then most likely no but if you have around 7 blinds worth, then it might be possible to recover. You need to play aggressively to bring in the money.

Blinding away

Avoid giving away your money by blinding away. You can still force your opponents to fold even when you only have around 5 blinds left.

Dead money

If you are not in the blindsand holding cards like K-10, you have about 2 blinds left with two limpers in the pot, go all in. You might benefit from the big stacks going at each other postflop and manage to get some chips.

Recovering from a small stack requires that you be aware of the stage of the game you are playing. Remember the concept of fold-equity and try to win some pots without having to go on a showdown. Go all in if you need to re-raise to get the most value out of your remaining chips. When you have a short stack, never give up.

Poker Books: how important are they?

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One of the easiest and the best way of mastering the game of poker is by reading poker books. These books are priceless treasure as it has umpteen secrets which have been penned down since time immemorial. The world’s best poker players have some secrets to shar e with all of us in a unique manner.

a selection of poker booksIf you want to learn the ancient yet effective tricks of the game you must read books on poker which explain all the theories in detail. All you need is library card and you can access these books which will provide you with great insight. You will emerge a confident and a controlled poker player after reading the poker games.

You can master the rules and tricks of the game by reading poker books. Tournaments on television, online, and observing professionals in casino would not teach you everything you need to learn. You should invest a few hours every day in reading poker books if you want to be one of the celebrated players.

Just reading poker books would not help. After reading you should be able to successfully implement whatever you have learnt and then decide if you have become a better player or not. A poker book would be a yardstick to measure the success of your game.

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Eli Elezra talks about the Young Guns

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Eli Elezra talks about the impact of young players on the World Series of Poker events. He gives the standard speech about how good some of these youngsters are etc etc… But we all know Eli Elezra thinks he’s a freaking genius on the green felt, while in reality they’re all better than him, but he’s got deeper pockets.

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Ultimate Bet: A Poker Room Review

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One of the best poker rooms that has been a pioneer in setting trends in online poker is the ultimate bet poker room. It ranks as one of the ten poke rooms in terms of the varieties of poker games, software, traffic of players and promotions.

ultimate betThe prestigious and long list of players is due to the bonus and rewards offered at this impressive and international poker site. The players love the list of excellent promotions. Poker players would be happy to receive a whopping $1100 as sign up bonus. One of their significant programs is refer a friend by which poker players can easily earn $100 if they refer a friend to the website. The money can be redeemed only if the friend makes the required cash deposit and becomes a member of the poker site.

The loyalty program is a great way of retaining the existing talent and also attracting new talent. The tournament fees and the real-money hands played result in the accumulation of points which results in players buying the incredible merchandise or participate in dazzling freerolls.

It has an ambitious ranking when it comes to player traffic. It generally boasts of having 2,500 players during peak hours and around 20,000 players while tournaments. It has a reasonable ranking as the industry standards and this site has been growing by bounds and leaps in the past months.

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Phil Laak Loves this SH*T!

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Here’s two of my favorite comments from the Youtube page from this AWESOME Phil Laak video below:

Phil can’t string a coherant sentance together, but still makes perfect sense. This guy is one of the most naturally funny guys on the Poker Circut.

And on Amanda:

hate her…shes with her nose above every one….a would love to punch her in the face :x

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Was Sammy Being Compassionate?

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Is this the compassionate Sammy Farha? Honest to God, I think there’s a chance. Jamie Gold was acting so weak and pathetic Sammy cut him some slack…

One of the commenters on the Youtube Video Page said:

Probably one of the most pathetic things I’ve ever seen. He’s closed to tears begging Sammy not to bet again. Sammy is fucken compassionate, because no one else would ever do this. He probably realized how pathetic it was and felt sorry for him.

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How To Win At Bingo? LOL Poker Players Beware!

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Bingo is the most simple as well as easy game to play and has become most popular game that totally depends upon chance. Though, there are no such tips for winning at bingo, but there are certain things that a player should keep in mind while playing bingo. The most interesting part of playing bingo game is that a player can opt for several bingo cards simultaneously.

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Jennifer Harman gets Slowrolled by Corey Zeidman

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Corey Zeidman is a douchebag. We’ve seen him act like a little bi**h on Poker After Dark, the NBC show, where he was needling Phil Hellmuth to the extent that everyone watching wanted to see Corey bleed to death. Now, he’s slowrolling one of the most likable female players on the poker circuit for no obvious reason…

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